Fairs and Events

Our main way of assisting people and promoting alternative directions are with fairs and different types of events. At these fairs and events, we meet people, offer advice and help people get on the right track. Our services builds a relationship with the client.


Writers or other interested parties can become members of the Publish and Be Damned community. For £45 per year, members get access to almost all the events and fairs and they also have the opportunity to work alongside alternative publishing professionals. We even host an annual meet-up of sorts to bring everyone together, typically it’s a catered BBQ. People bring something if they want, but typically someone brings their Camp Chef grill and some hamburgers and hot dogs.


Anyone who approaches Publish and Be Damned for our services receives regular consultations with our experts. They advise and guide our clients to make sure they choose the right publishing alternatives. We believe in partnership.

Welcome to the Publish and Be Damned website.

We are a business that aims to create awareness and promote alternative directions when it comes to publishing. There are so many different options outside of the mainstream processes, but people are not aware of them. That is why we started Publish and Be Damned.

e guide and advise writers of different genres and calibers, from Marilyn monroe pillows to Barbeque cookin’, on the options they have with regards to publishing. Self-publishing and other methods of getting work out into the public have become very popular and can be very effective. When writers approach us, we sit down and discuss what options they have for their specific project. As you can imagine, the same processes or paths will not work for everyone. For instance, Momming’s site, talking about post pregnancy girdles would work differently than a site about RV recliners.

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