Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

6 Copy Writing Steps to Win Customers

The key to a successful copy writing is knowing how to trigger action and emotion in your readers. Even though you’re the most incredible writer in the world, that only means nothing if you’re not turning your site traffic into conversions. Converting a lead into an actual paying customer depends on how well your marketing strategy will work out.

There are about 27 million pieces of content that are published each day inside the web. So knowing this number, it’s clear that having a good and persuasive copy is crucial to survive in the competition. You also need to keep in mind that using emotions to persuade customers is also important. Once you know how to trigger them by emotion, you’ll be ready to convince them that it’s worth buying from you. In this article, we provided 6 steps to enhance your copy writing skills to increase customer conversions.

Headlines Are Important

  • Some people only read headlines without further reading the article. But if your headline is not engaging enough, people might not bother reading your article at all. This is why having an engaging headline is important in copy writing.
  • Having an engaging headline can drive people to fully read your article. But thanks to WordPress and other content-management platforms, creating a blog is simpler than ever. The problem is, you’re going to fight your way to make your blog well known. A simple Google search of a given topic will result to a thousand pages of web results.
  • Consider that the average attention span of a person is only 8 seconds. Now that’s a little amount of time to convince readers that your page is better than others. To sum it all up, having a clear and engaging headline can attract more audience.

Avoid Errors by Doing Research

  • When you write content, readers will expect that you’ve already researched the information you’re giving them so they’re confident that they’ll be satisfied of what they’re reading. A good copy consists of a reliable and honest facts that’s backed up by trustworthy resources.
  • The more you know about the subject you’re writing, the more people will read your content. Even some professional copywriters and bloggers spend half of the day doing research before they start writing. But why? Easy! Accuracy matters and this shows that your web page is trustworthy, intelligent, and reliable.

Know Your Audience

  • The best way to earn success is to find ways to constantly engage people. But before doing that, you have to know what type of customer you’re writing for. Create audience personas to help you find the right phrase or term to fill in the gaps between you and your target audience.
  • Also include information on whether that particular customer you’re profiling accurately represents your secondary or primary audience. The more information you put, the more customers you’ll be able to reach and persuade.
  • So how do we gather data from them? Simple! You can either send out a questionnaire or survey that they can fill in. By using this feedback from them, you’ll be able to see if it matches with the persona you’ve created. You can then incorporate the final product into your marketing strategy and see if it develops into more valuable leads.

Make Your Copy Writing Be Authentic as Possible

  • It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when handling cash to new businesses especially if you’re not familiar with them. You haven’t built trust yet, and you may be wondering if these companies are worth the money or not.
  • Knowing and trusting people is important so that customers will know if a company is worth their case or not. If you’re in that situation, you need to create content that persuades customers and at the same time make them feel that they know you.
  • Some companies especially those in the business-to-business area in marketing, uses voice to build trust in their customers. Your voice needs to be sophisticated, formal and filled with information. If you’re having trouble speaking to your customers, play around with your voice until you got it right.

Learn How to Persuade

  • Persuading customers is not easy, but it’s crucial to convert a lead into a customer. Online persuasion is knowing what your customer wants. To do this, you have to know what the customer wants and convince them using a number of ways that your product or service can benefit them. In this way, you can be able to persuade them easily as long as you delivered quality content that matches their needs.
  • Your aim is to influence people so always keep in mind that logical and emotional factors are important too. Use emotion to help customers decide based on how they feel. Link them to logical concepts such as reciprocity so that they’ll feel that they’re making the right choice of choosing you.


  • When the one-size-fits-all method isn’t working, then it’s time to experiment new ways of engaging customers. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to insult your audience and bombarding your blog posts with obscene language. Instead, putting a little bit of controversy and individuality on your content can help you along the way in this big, bad world of business.
  • Think of ways how to make your company a bit controversial. Don’t just say “yes” to some of the industries common issues. Learn how to see things from a different perspective or view them from a different angle.
  • When you do agree with something, show your audience why it’s correct instead of just going with the flow just because the others also agreed too. Keep in mind that no matter how professional your brand or company is, a little bit of controversy won’t hurt.



  • Constructing the ideal copy is not an easy task. It can either make or break your company depending on how you handle it. This is why there are a lot of copy writers throughout the web who are making a living by creating and implementing strategies for different businesses. If you apply these steps in this article, make sure to test out the results and see if it’s effective or not.

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