Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

6 Reasons Why Public Speaking Can Be Your Stepping Stone to Success

If you’re a person that enjoys coming up on the stage and speak in front of a crowd, then you’re definitely a public speaker. But for some, public speaking can be scary for them. Some people get phobic about it, and dread being up the stage while everyone is paying attention to you. It’s understandable that some people feel this way because they might be afraid if they mess up. You don’t want people to remember you for the wrong reasons right?

But public speaking is everywhere. You may have avoided it now, but it’ll come back for you later on. But instead of viewing public speaking as a problem, why not view it as an opportunity for your future. Start by learning public speaking skills. The more you learn, the more comfortable you’ll get with public speaking. Once started, you’ll likely develop your skills along the way which can make you feel confident as you slowly approach that podium. Below are 6 reasons why public speaking can create a huge impact to your career in the future.

  1. Demonstrates Knowledge

  • Articulating your thoughts is a good way to show your knowledge to others. Being good at public speaking gives you a chance to show that you’re knowledgeable for the job.
  1. Expands Knowledge

  • By preparing your presentation, you’ll have a chance to become more in tune with your subject. The key of making a good presentation is knowing your stuff. By doing this, it can not only help you lead a winning presentation, but can also make yourself understand the subject matter better.
  1. Develops Your Confidence

  • Public speaking can help develop your confidence. Most especially if you delivered your speech clearly combined with a dynamic presentation of your subject matter. People appreciate confidence as long as you don’t get carried away too much that makes you excessive on the long run.
  1. Makes You Unique Inside Your Workplace

  • Not everyone can dare to do public speaking. But as long as you have the skill, it can make you stand out inside your workplace which can help boost your career.
  1. Helps You Avoid Career Risks

  • Being at least competent compared to being terrible at something doesn’t put you at a disadvantage. For example, you’re at an event and you spoke on public confidently and clearly. After you, some other guy came to the stage and tackles the same topic as yours. The only difference is that he’s much less dynamic, filled with “uh” and “um” throughout his entire speech. You can clearly see that he’s loss polished as a presenter. The audience probably noticed both of your performance and you can clearly see that they praised you more than the other guy.
  1. Can Make You More Promotable

  • If you’re already at a senior level of leadership, it’s important to be comfortable when making presentations especially when it comes to public speaking. Mastering this kind of ability can help you rank higher in your work.

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