Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

7 Essential Writing Resources That Every Self-Published Authors Should Have

Every writer in the world probably wants to become a better writer than they are today. For some, writing is like second nature for them. Some people are born lucky to possess such talent. While others took a lot of time to study, research, and learn the skill.

Some of the most reputed writers in the world will go around telling their stories over and over on how they learned such skill and worked very hard to earn it, even though they’re already considered the best in their field.

If you’re a writer, you probably have a pile of books beside your bed or a web browser filled with bookmarks about websites that talks about how to improve your writing skills. In this article, we’re going to give you seven helpful resources to add to your collection to enhance that skill even more.

  1. Quick and Dirty Tips

–    Formerly known as “Grammar Girl”, Quick and Dirty Tips is a website that has a collection of short and easy digest tutorials to hone your writing skills. The website has now produced New York Times Best Seller Books and now has an editorial staff that creates new content that tackles new developments in the English Language on a daily basis.

  1. Grammarly

–   “Grammarly” is a website that helps writers to improve their grammar skills and choice of words. It also depends on the delivery to see the difference. Grammarly scans your uploaded write-ups and corrects every mistake they have noticed. Issues such as passive voice, wordy sentences, and confused prepositions are all detected by the site and explains why it’s wrong to help you avoid making similar mistakes on your other write-ups. By using Grammarly to edit your work, you’ll find yourself making fewer mistakes in the near future.

  1. Writer’s Digest

–    With “Writer’s Digest”, you’ll get a ton of writing resources, contest, tips, tools and also an active community of writers of different levels coming together to help each other by exchanging tips and tricks in writing. It was launched back in 1920 as a magazine for writers. Today, Writer’s Digest is now the all in one magazine for anything that’s related to writing. The majority of its followers likes to get updated for fresh content by visiting their website.

  1. The Elements of Style

–    Originally written and self-published by William Struck Jr in 1919, “The Elements of Style” is an award-winning book that’s filled with essential information about the elements of writing which includes composition, word usage, and form. Some may see the book as an old title, but it became a cult classic among writers as an essential resource material for writing that’s still going strong 100 years after its initial release.

  1. Scribophile

–    There’s nothing better than being in a place full of writers where you can share and review each other’s work. With that being said, say hello to “Scribophile”. Scribophile is a place where writers of different ages and levels can meet and hone their work each other. With thousands of writers registered on the site, you’ll surely find someone that can help you. The community also provides online training such as workshops and resources that are available for all writers with different skill levels and interests.

  1. Visuwords

–    “Visuwords” is a mind mapping software that helps writers to create ideas. By just simply entering a word, the software generates word associations, synonyms, and concepts that connect to each other to help writers spark new ideas and improve their writing.

  1. Imagination Prompt Generator

–    If you find yourself sitting and staring at a blank space in the corner of your room thinking of ideas, then the “Imagination Prompt Generator” is here to help. This tool created by “Creativity Portal” is your best friend in times where inspiration doesn’t come up. So how does it work? It generates random questions and statements that you can answer to help you find inspiration for your future write-ups or some projects that you may be working on right now.

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