Publish and Be Damned is a business that is tuned to alternative methods to getting published. Mainstream publishing is not the only way and many people are losing hope by being focused on this. Publish and Be Damned promotes alternative directions and offers a lot of information and guidance for writers who are thinking of self-publishing or other methods.

Publish and Be Damned started as a simple idea to offer relief for those struggling with mainstream publishing. The people behind the idea held a fair and information session and that is how it started. That was more than 10 years ago. Today, Publish and Be Damned is still going and strong and has helped many writers on their road to success. Lara Turner currently runs Publish and Be Damned.

What started as a small project to show people there are alternatives available to them, has become a beacon of hope and pillar to writers. Publish and Be Damned organises many events during the course of the year. To see what events are coming up, visit the EVENTS page on this website.

If you are looking to get published or need some pointers or guidance with your writing and publishing projects, visit the Publish and Be Damned events or contact us at info@publishandbedamned.org.uk.