Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

Create Your Own Perfect Guitar Songs with These 5 Writing Tips

Each one of us has a dream to achieve greater heights of success in our life. If you like to express yourself through writing your own songs on a guitar, then we’re here to help you achieve that dream.

Every one of us can create an incredible melody by writing. You only need a story combined with a little bit of your imagination to create that perfect song, all using a guitar to convey your message to touch people’s hearts. You are creating a new language by composing a song where some people might not understand. But this doesn’t matter as long as the message is sent.

  1. Writing a Song Starts with Silence

–    Silence is your best friend if you want to find ideas. That’s why it’s always a good thing to go to a quiet spot when finding inspiration to write your song. It might be inside your room, or a specific place where you can find peace of mind. Finding ideas in silence can feed your mind with creative thoughts. Writers are great observers. They like to spend their time in a quiet place in order to produce a masterpiece. It’s important that no one will disturb you while you’re on deep meditation.

  1. Jot Down Everything and Record It

–    You’re not a human smart machine that can remember everything like tabs, lyrics, and chords. Once you have an idea in mind, make sure to write them down in order not to forget them. Entering a particular state of mind where you can feel your senses is essential if you want to create music. Don’t put pressure on yourself and relax your body as much as possible so that inspiration will flow into your senses. Get yourself a notebook or a recorder to keep note of your ideas. Make them as clear as possible for future reading or revising.

  1. The Internet is Your Best Friend

–    The internet is the perfect place to find inspiration too. A simple Google search will take you to different websites where you can find help to create your lyrics. Also, when it comes to writing lyrics, make sure to use the right words to express those ideas that are formed in your mind. Remember, the internet can make or break your ideas when making music, so use it wisely.

  1. Use Your Life Experiences

–    Writing music is all about expressing your own thoughts and feelings. Make it as original as possible and use your own life experiences as an inspiration. Alternatively, you can read poetry and lyrics written by gifted writers too. Always remember that life has a lot of creative ideas and experiences in store for you so you’ll never run out of inspiration.

  1. Don’t Mind the Opinion of Others

–    The feeling of excitement once you’ve finished writing your song is a joy to feel. Off course the first people you’re going to share your work with is your close friends and family. There might be instances where they judge your work just because they know you. This is why some people cannot appreciate music because they choose to listen to their own opinions. Instead of worrying about that, focus on creating a unique and powerful song without minding other people’s views about it.

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