Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

Essential Tips to Enhance Your Skill On Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is never easy. It had its own perks though like the freedom to work anywhere, and the flexibility when it comes to time. But everything is different because you’re working for yourself. You’re the boss, you run everything from the concept, expansion, and down to the bottom line. You have to manage all of these because the responsibility is all yours. So how do we deal with such? Here are some essential tips about freelance writing we’ve provided down below.

Some Tips for Beginners

  • If you want to attract editors, you need to provide them with a good writing sample and that’s it! But if you’re new to the job and the editors are asking you for a writing sample, your mind is probably on panic mode thinking what sample you can give to them. But you don’t have to pressure yourself, all they want is to know if you can actually write.
  • You can give them some of these samples:
  • Your unpublished article that you wrote just for this purpose – Construct it like you’re writing an article for a magazine. You can either link it online or save it as a PDF and include it in your email. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect yet. It just has to be written.
  • Your blog posts – If you have a blog, you can send one of your most popular posts including its stats like traffic numbers and the number of shares it got from social media. The more traffic your posts gets, the more readers you can attract. Link your editor to one of your top performing blog posts and you’ll surely be employed as soon as possible. Use blogging as an advantage as it can help you along the way.

Be a Cold Pitch Master

  • Editors like to respond to cold pitches. Although some people may look at it as spam, editors look at these things as a potential. Don’t just create a pitch that no one wants. Because this isn’t like phone calling random people to interrupt their peaceful dinner session, it’s about finding the right people to respond to your pitch, and these people are called the “editors”. You may experience rejection along the way, but don’t ever lose hope because the important thing is finding the right editor to accept your pitch. Here are some tips to maximize you luck on catching an editor.
  • Bombard pitching – Pitching about 10-20 pitches per week can maximize your chance of hearing a “yes” from an editor. 10-20 pitches is already enough for a good start, but you can also pitch more than 20 if you’re not satisfied with that number.
  • Create an email pitch template – To save time, create a pitch template and use it every time you create a new email pitch. It’s also a good thing to include details such as the recipient’s name, what you like about their company, and how your work can attract specific readers.
  • The wider the better – Send your pitches to more publications not just the big ones, but also the smaller ones. Keep in mind that smaller publications are more open to new writers compared to bigger ones. Start small and use it as a stepping stone to reach your dream publication.
  • Don’t worry about being rejected – Rejection is inevitable in the world of writing. So instead of feeling down when an editor says “no thanks”, think of it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Keep writing articles and give it to them until they say yes.
  • Offer your first article for FREE – Some people may say that never write articles for free. But in your case as a beginner, you should definitely offer your first article for free. You’ll only do it once though, and you’ll eventually get paid later on if you’re accepted. Writing your first article can give you a chance to work with an editor, improve your writing skills, and gain a publishing credit that’ll help you to work somewhere bigger and better.

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