Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

Freelance Writing: A Guide on How to Choose the Best Place to Post Your Content

If you want to make the most out of your content, then choosing the right place to post is very important. You want to make your brand known and ensure that the right audience can benefit from your content. Here’s a guide below to help you decide where to post your content.

Know your Type of Writing

  • The first thing to do is to know what type of content are you going to write. If you like to write articles about news and the latest events happening in the world, then think about whether it would suit a news site or a blog site.
  • What’s the point of putting news articles on a non-news site right? So that’s why it’s important to segregate the type of content you’re going to right to avoid any trouble. The news goes to the news sites and the blog posts goes to the blog sites. Easy as that!

Choose a Topic

  • Now that you know where to put your content on the right site, it’s time to think about what topic are you going to write. In that case, we’re going to break this down into two categories.
  • For news articles:
  • When writing about news, think about what TV shows are you going to write about. When it comes to recap, put it on a site where you and the site owner agreed for doing recaps.
  • When it’s not a recap, think about the sites where you write recaps on.
  • If a site’s content contains listicles, then it’s better to write articles that also consist of lists.
  • For blog posts:
  • When it comes to blog posts, think about the kind of audience you want to reach.
  • For example, you’re writing about history, then it’s better to post your content on blog sites that tackles about history.
  • Every content you write have its own home so make sure to put them to where they belong.

Try Creating Content Series

  • If your content is part of a series, then it’s important to finish it where you’ve left off. What’s the point of creating a content series if you’re just going to let it collect dust sooner or later right?
  • If you’re just starting on creating a content series, choose a category and see if it can entertain your target audience. If your target audience likes history, then create a series that tackles about history. The same goes for other categories in the process. Writing audience-specific content can help you gain readers with different interests. The more audience you gain, the more traffic your website will get.


At the end of the day, it all boils down to the type of content you created, what you want to express out of that content, and which audience will benefit it best. There’s no such thing as right or wrong when creating content as long as it’s unique and original.

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