Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

Practice Your Writing Skills with These 10 Creative Writing Ideas

If you’re a person that loves to write, then this article is the right place for you. Below are ten creative writing ideas to enhance your writing skills while at home, or just want to kill time by writing because you’re bored. Get your mind ready along with your pen and paper and let’s begin.

Week 1: Short Story (1-2 pages)

–    Create a short story from the perspective of your favorite animal. Let it be a dog or a cat, or maybe even a bird or a horse if you want. Describe what it feels like to be an animal living among humans. What are your hopes and dreams? What kind of mate are you looking for? You can also include how you will feel during rainy days or getting baths or treats. Write a draft, check for any necessary edits and revise if needed.

Week 2: Documentary (1-2 pages)

–    Write a documentary about the most exciting thing that happened in the world last week. The internet is your best friend when it comes to this. A simple Google search will give you a lot of results that can help you in your write up. Again, write a draft, check if anything needs to be edited and revise if needed.

Week 3: Persuasive paper (1-2 pages)

–    Write a persuasive paper for anything you’re passionate about. A persuasive paper consists of an introduction, content, and a thesis statement. At least three paragraphs are included when writing the body of the paper. With each paragraph containing one of the three basic supporting ideas. At least three sentences to prove your point is enough.

–    Lastly, create a section that summarizes all of the points listed above. Now you have created five paragraphs with no less than three sentences each.

Week 4: Descriptive paper (1 full page)

–    Describe your dream car, dream house, or anything you want in a short descriptive paper. Each of your dreams must be written separately. So, for example, one full paper for your dream car and another one full paper for your dream house. Don’t exaggerate too much by writing dreams that won’t come true, but it’s never a bad thing to keep your hopes up.

Week 5: Poem (1 full page)

–    Go outside and find an inspiration to write your poem. If you see that the fall season has already started, write a poem about the falling of the leaves as it sways down into the earth. Also include its tiny details such as the color, smell, and sounds of the leaves. After doing that, grab another paper and write about the joys of all such as sitting around the fireplace, camping, raking, and diving in the pile of leaves.

Week 6: Short story (2 pages)

–    Write a short story about a family happily eating together at the dinner table or around the campfire. To make things interesting, include conflict, different character personalities, different dialogues that make each character unique. Be sure to include a solution to the conflict. Use your mind to be creative and realistic at the same time.

Week 7: Full-on short story

–    Write a short story depending on which genre you like. It could be a science fiction, fantasy, horror, inspiration, action adventure, or even romance. Everything will depend on your choice. Write a story that you like to read but keep it short. Use your creative mind to express these ideas on your paper without limiting yourself. 2 weeks will be given for this task to give you time.

Week 8: This week is the due date of your full-on short story.

Week 9: Descriptive paper (1-2 pages)

–    It’s time to write another descriptive paper throughout this course. If the first descriptive paper is all about your dream jobs and such, this time, write something about what it would be like to be a real hero. Describe your superpowers and how would you use it to save the day. Include everything like where you live to save the most people and how to remain strong. What would you look like? Do you want to be like Superman who came from another planet, or just like Batman where his parents got killed. Again, be creative when creating this piece.

Week 10: Autobiography

–    Be creative in writing your autobiography. Start from the beginning when you were young, then going forward through your life including where you go to college and how you built your career and family. This may sound morbid, but also include how you died and where you were laid to rest. This is a perfect opportunity to explore what you want in your life.

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