Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

Tips for Writers to Use Microsoft Word More Efficiently and With Less Frustration

Word is the programme that most people use when they are writing projects, reports, books, or pretty much anything else. Most of us tend to just figure out the basics and then we feel comfortable using it. However, there are a few worthwhile tricks you can use if you look a bit deeper and learn a bit more. Below are a few things I have found during my years of using Word – it has made things easier for me. I hope it helps you too.

1. Table of Contents

Creating a table of contents manually is not ideal. It is much easier to use the INSERT TABLE OF CONTENTS command. To use this effectively, however, you need to use the styles and headings function. The table of contents will pick up on the different level headings and update them with page numbers when you tell it to. Much faster and a lot less frustration.

2. Headings and Styles

It is my advice to customise your headings before you start. You will use different headings for chapter names and the body text. By using the headings and styles function, you make formatting a lot easier.

3. Headers and Footers

This is a very handy feature, but it can also be tricky. By using the INSERT HEADER AND FOOTER command, your document automatically adds the header and footer to each page in the document. If you want different first pages, you will need to make some small adjustments. The same goes for inserting page numbers.

4. Track Changes

This is a feature that editors and reviewers use. It enables you to show where you changed something or deleted something. It also allows you to make comments on the original document. This feature has different view options which allow you to hide the markups or see them.

There are many more things that Word offers that could help you as a writer be more effect. Several options also allow editors to work more efficiently. It really is the best word processing programme and you can really make it work for you by learning a bit more.

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