Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

Top 5 Tips to Become a Productive and Organized Freelance Writer

You probably have an innovative plan inside your head but you’re doing no progress because you just sit there and think about it. There’s a saying that goes like “thinking only brings you closer in inches, but working in ideas brings you closer in miles”. Stop thinking about that plan and time to shed some light to it for the world to see. The same goes when it comes to freelance writing. Stop slacking and start doing to become an effective freelance writer by following these 5 easy tips.

  1. Don’t spend your time overthinking

  • Overthinking can destroy your creativity and can create unnecessary barriers for you plan. It’s important to plan and create strategies as long as you implement them as soon as the plan is fleshed out. As a freelancer, it’s important to do your tasks without any delay. Believe in yourself and start doing it right away. Don’t let your failures hinder you from showing them your skills and abilities. To sum it all up, use your talent and focus on your goals and you’ll find yourself finishing them before even knowing it. The more you spend time on thinking the higher the chance you’ll end up procrastinating.
  1. There’s a whole lot more to see

  • Instead of sticking to one job and think that this is finally “the one”. Try exploring different options instead rather than waiting for work. As long as you can handle multiple assignments all at once then good for you. This keeps you away from thinking that will eventually end up to procrastinating.
  1. Expand your network

  • Don’t just stand there, do something to increase your network. The more you communicate with people, the more benefits you’ll gain. Communicating with others can give you a better view of their ideas, which can help develop your interacting skills and also can benefit to your personality development. You need to make sure that the people are new and doesn’t belong to the same expertise as yours. People with the same field as yours can you’re your mind with negativity, which can trigger doubts about yourself whether you’re good enough or not. Therefore, increasing your network with people outside your circle is important.
  1. Explore more

  • There are a lot of factors that can trigger your lose of interest in your work. Probably this is because of toxic clients, or maybe you’re facing issues during your work. This will eventually lead to being stagnant which can halt our growth as a person. Instead of sitting there and contemplating about those things, it’s time to stand up and make things happen. In our world today, Google is your best friend when it comes on searching about things. There are a lot of websites you can find in the web where you can apply your skills. Some of them even offers you higher pay which can motivate you to work harder.
  1. Stop worrying about a client’s reputation

  • Some of us may be picky when choosing clients. It’s our nature to choose the ones that has a reputable name in the industry. However, choosing the right client as not an easy task and can be time consuming on the process. Instead of worrying about that, why not focus on assessing the type of work that we want to do. Focusing on your work instead of your clients can help you keep occupied. Thus, making you more productive on doing your work and can help you stay away from, overthinking, procrastination and self-doubts.

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